Our Orthopaedic Patient-Specific 3D Solutions

Axial3 D INSIGHT orthopedic application

3D Visualization / Digital Files

  • Portable - easy to access
  • Collaborative views and comments
  • Easily differentiate structures
  • Download print-ready file
Surgeon Training

Visual 3D Printed Model

  • Tactile visual 1:1 scale model of anatomy
  • Improve consent and patient/parent discussion
  • Improve outcomes and plans
  • Use to show specific anatomy

Functional 3D Printed Model

  • Mimic real bone, enabling simulation and case rehearsal
  • Use to physically plan and drill
  • Feel what you are treating
  • Use to teach and train

Webinar: How to Grow 3D Printing in Your Hospital

In this webinar, we will explore how the integration of Axial3D's advanced medical imaging solutions and Stratasys' state-of-the-art 3D printers is providing surgeons and radiologists an easy path to drive the growth of 3D printing in hospitals.

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