Case Studies Shoulder surgery - Ortho case

Reducing equipment needed for surgery with better surgical planning

Case Study


A 64-year-old female presented requiring shoulder revision surgery. Before the procedure, it was critical for her surgeon to evaluate if there was enough bone stock to carry out a reverse shoulder arthroplasty. CT imaging showed significant noise due to the in-situ implant, making it difficult for the surgeon to define a surgical plan with confidence.

A 3D model was requested to evaluate the bone stock and to use as a patient education tool. A 1:1 scale 3D printed model was created with the existing implant removed, using the patient’s CT scans.


With this additional insight, the surgeon was confident in selecting the appropriate device and specific surgical method. This subsequently reduced time in theater by approximately 60 minutes and reduced the surgical trays need from 6 to 2, saving inventory and approximately $1000 in sterilization costs.

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