Making patient-specific care routine

Axial3D’s vision of making patient-specific care routine is made possible by our AI-driven Segmentation-as-a-Service platform that automatically converts 2D imaging currently being used for a patient's surgical planning into precise 3D images to improve their standard of care. Through the entire patient's care pathway from planning to treatment, our technology will be at the core. Our goal is to make patient-specific 3D models and 3D images accessible and affordable to hospitals and medical device manufacturers globally.


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At Axial3D we are on course to transform the quality of care hospitals can provide globally, by enhancing existing practices, giving their clinicians easy access to patient-specific 3D models and images for surgical planning, deriving data and analysis to accelerate and allow for more accurate diagnoses and enabling the use of patient-specific guides and implants for their patients’ treatment.

All offerings we provide are designed to help make real a personalized treatment path for each individual patient, improving their care while subsequently reducing resource burden on the hospital, the care team, the payer and most importantly the patient and their family.
Daniel Crawford Founder
Axial3D team

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