To achieve accurate 3D outputs, you must start with precise segmentation, and INSIGHT delivers exactly that. Axial3D INSIGHT, an FDA-cleared, cloud-based, AI-driven segmentation platform, streamlines the conversion of medical images into 3D digital files or anatomical models. Our intuitive solution leverages machine learning algorithms to achieve exceptional segmentation, generating actionable 3D data meeting the highest quality standards. Unlike desktop-based systems in the market, which rely on costly expert users for manual intervention, our approach ensures rapid scaling without prolonged lead times, increased costs, or limited resources for creating actionable 3D data.

Join Axial3D founder, Dan Crawford, and CTO, Rory Hanratty as they walks you through the features of INSIGHT and provides a live demonstration of how we can create actionable 3D data from medical images for you.

Key highlights of the webinar include:

  • Challenges for medical device companies
  • The need for advanced medical imaging solutions
  • Axial3D’s Solution that help medical device companies start or expand their personalized surgical solutions.
  • Live Demonstration of Axial3D INSIGHT
  • Q&A Session


Dan Crawford web

Dan Crawford

CSO, Founder, Axial3D


Rory Hanratty

CTO, Axial3D