Case Studies Complex acetabular defects of the pelvis - Ortho case

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Case Study

The Case

An 81-year-old female patient was referred for a revision hip replacement upon experiencing less than optimal outcomes following an original procedure.


Careful pre-operative planning in revision cases with complex acetabular defects is crucial for an optimal surgery outcome. However, in this case, the patient’s CT scans did not give a full and clear understanding of the pelvic destruction.

Until the surgeon could be absolutely clear on the levels of bone stock, the operation would be a risky endeavor. Therefore, the surgeon requested a personalized 3D model of the patient’s anatomy to allow him to fully assess the acetabular bone stock and aid planning for this complex acetabular reconstruction procedure.

The 3D model that supported enhanced OR teamwork and improved patient outcomes

Benefits of using the 3D Model

Using the model in pre-operative planning enabled the surgeon to fully conceptualize the patient’s bone stock and form an operative plan which would pose lower intraoperative risk to the patient and lead to the most optimum post-surgical outcomes. Additionally, the model was a fantastic tool in enabling the surgeon to communicate his plan effectively with the operative team.

This transformative approach to pre-operative planning enabled the operative team to confirm the surgical plan much quicker than using CT scans alone, reduced overall planning time by 40 minutes and improved patient outcomes in the form of enhanced safety and the quality of care provided to the patient.

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