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Precision and accuracy are vital to the success of any procedure. When DICOM images aren’t enough to gain a complete understanding of a patient’s anatomy, a 3D visualization or 3D printed model can provide the additional insight needed to confidently prepare for the surgery. At Axial3D, we understand the unique challenges you face in diagnosis and surgical planning, and we've developed an easy way for you to see your patient’s DICOM images in 3D through our FDA-cleared, cloud-based platform.

Easy -to- Use

Easily obtain 3D digital files or printed models by simply uploading DICOM images, without the stress and time constraints of traditional manual methods.

Additional Support

Available 24/7, let Axial3D be your additional resource to help you get 3D visualizations and 3D printed models quickly, and accurately.


Increase the amount of cases you can handle and expand into other departments within the hospital optimizing the same resources

Solutions for your specialty

Benefits of 3D printing for helping improve patient outcomes.

  • Increase insight into the patient’s pathology

  • Improve patient consent and communication

  • Reduce time in the OR

  • Facilitate multidisciplinary team discussions

  • Enable pre-surgical practice and simulation

  • Improve pre-surgical planning

  • Train on real patient data

  • Increase your patient reach to treat more patients

Our Patient-Specific 3D Services & Solutions

Axial3D’s patient specific service starts with creating a case on our secure online platform, INSIGHT. Once you've selected your anatomy and provided details about your case, you can upload your DICOM data directly or connect it with your PACS department. And that's all.

The DICOM images are then segmented with Axial3D's automated, AI driven cloud-based platform, verified by a biomedical engineer and available for you to view online, export as a STL file, or order a 3D printed model.

Download a Research Summary on the Effects of 3D Printed Models

Read a research summary that was carried out by the medical school at University Hospital Southampton and eight HSCNI hospitals who came together to study the effects of 3D printed models in both preoperative planning and also the intraoperative phase. The study was based on 106 models used by 63 surgeons at the 8 hospitals between May 2020 and March 2021, representing cases in orthopaedic (57 models), cardiothoracic (36), maxillofacial (8), neurosurgical (4) and otorhinolaryngology (1) specialties.

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Axial3D is certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 (2020) and follows compliance with IEC 62304 Medical Device Software: Software Lifecycle Processes.


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