Case Studies Complex ankle trauma fracture - Ortho case

Utilizing 3D modeling to better understand a complex ankle trauma fracture

Case Study

This 60-year-old male’s CT scans presented a complex ankle trauma fracture which required surgical intervention to enable his safe recovery back to full health. In planning, his surgeon was concerned that the CT scans alone did not provide him with a full picture of the problem, making it difficult to form an appropriate, definitive operative plan.

The surgeon ordered a precise 3D model from Axial3D to fill in the gaps of his understanding of the severe broken calf bone and allow him to plan with confidence. Using the patient’s CT scans, Axial3D created a detailed, interactive 3D render and a full-scale 3D printed model of the fracture - enabling the surgeon to get a tactile 360º view.

The 3D printed complex ankle trauma fracture

The surgeon and his team were delighted when the 3D models did indeed give them the required precision insight. Not only did the models help the surgeon to precisely visualize the complex fracture but also transformed how he communicated the injury and new surgical approach to his team. Without access to the models, the surgeon and his team would have faced a lengthier and more challenging time in surgery, as they would have had to react and dynamically refine their plan during the surgery as they saw the actual patient's anatomy.

In addition to the transformed planning within the team, the surgeon found the 3D models to be vital in discussing the injury with the patient and explaining the type of surgery - helping the patient to much better understand the problem and ultimately providing full informed consent to the planned reconstructive surgery.

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