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How it works

Axial3D’s solution starts with creating a case on our secure online platform. Once you've selected your anatomy and provided details about the case, you can upload your DICOM data directly or connect it with a hospital's PACS department. And that's all.

Once the data has been segmented with Axial3D's platform, it's verified by a biomedical engineer and then available for you to view online, export as an STL file or a Mesh file or order a 3D printed model.

Quality Status

Axial3D is certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 (2020) and follows compliance with IEC 62304 Medical Device Software: Software Lifecycle Processes.


ISO 13485 Certified

Iso 27001

ISO 27001 Certified

Nhs digital toolkit

NHS Data Security & Protection (DSP Toolkit)

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Cyber Essentials Certification

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HIPPA Compliant