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Patient-specific 3D model helps physicians pre-select the right equipment first time, every time

Case Study
  • Orthopaedics

Patients with peripheral neuropathy typically suffer a loss of feeling in their limbs caused by nerve damage, which can lead to repetitive stress and injuries that can go unnoticed. In this case, a 12-year-old girl presented with a neuropathic foot ulcer that had been caused through a loss of protective sensation and repetitive stress to pressure points on her foot.

Her physician requested a patient-specific anatomical model from Axial3D to get the greatest insight for his reconstructive procedure planning and to support the informed consent process with the young girl and her family. This unique 3D model was a ‘fantastic tool’ in helping the family and patient to understand the necessity for the procedure, and ultimately in getting their approval to proceed.

Every unnecessary minute that a patient is on the operating table is a minute of heightened risk of increased trauma, loss of blood and infection. Without having access to the precise 3D model and therefore relying on hard to understand 2D imaging, the surgeon would have had to wait until he was in the operating room to confirm the tools he would need to treat the girl, which takes time which therefore increases all of these damaging risks. Thankfully, in this case, with the 3D model, the physician was able to select the exact tools required in the operation before the operation.

As a fantastic aside, this young lady is now successfully recovering from surgery and is the proud owner of the very model that helped shape the procedure to treat her foot.