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Patient-Specific 3D models Help Physicians Pre-Select the Right Equipment

Case Study

The Case

A 12-year-old girl sought medical attention for a neuropathic foot ulcer, which had developed due to a loss of protective sensation and repetitive stress exerted on pressure points of her foot. This condition stemmed from neurological impairment, leading to diminished sensitivity to pain and resulting in the formation of an ulcer due to prolonged pressure and friction on the affected areas of her foot.


Her physician requested a patient-specific anatomical model from Axial3D to get the greatest insight for his reconstructive procedure planning and to support the informed consent process with the young girl and her family. This unique 3D model was a ‘fantastic tool’ in helping the family and patient to understand the necessity for the procedure, and ultimately in getting their approval to proceed.

Benefits of using the 3D Model

By utilizing the precise 3D model, the surgeon gained the ability to meticulously plan the operation and choose the necessary tools ahead of time, avoiding the need for last-minute decisions in the operating room. This proactive approach not only minimized risks associated with surgical delays but also optimized efficiency by reducing overall procedure time.

Furthermore, the successful outcome of the surgery has led to the young lady's smooth recovery, marking a significant improvement in her health and well-being. As an added bonus, she now holds the 3D model that played a pivotal role in shaping her treatment journey. This tangible reminder serves as a symbol of her resilience and the advancements in medical technology that contributed to her healing process.

Disclaimer: Details of Axial3D's regulatory clearance for diagnostic use cases are outlined here. For all other uses of Axial3D solutions, they should be used for demonstration and education purposes only.

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