Case Studies Severe Scoliosis anatomical spine model

3D anatomical model aids surgical planning in severe scoliosis case

Case Study

When planning the surgery in this severe scoliosis case, it was difficult to conceptualize the relationship of the scapula and ribs in relation to the apex of the curve in the spine.

Scoliosis is a spine condition often found in adolescents. Around 3 million cases of scoliosis are diagnosed in the United States each year, with a majority of them identified as idiopathic scoliosis - a type of scoliosis that presents in children between 10 to 12 years old.


A 13-year-old male presented with congenital scoliosis. Due to the complex nature of the pathology, it was difficult to assess the curvature of the spine and anatomy of the vital organs in relation to vertebral column.

Mr. O'Brien used the model to evaluate the entirety of patient pathology. The model was also used to measure and prepare equipment prior to surgery and as a patient and parent education tool.


With access to the 3D printed model, the spinal surgeons worked closely with thoracic surgeons to define a surgical plan. With the scapula and the ribs printed in 1:1 scale along with the spine, they could clearly understand the anatomical relationships. The model also allowed the planning of screw locations and trajectory into the pedicle of the spine, almost impossible to visualize and plan using CT images alone.

“In addition to allowing us to create a detailed surgical plan, the model also allowed us to convey the level of the complexity to the parents and set their expectations for anticipated surgical outcome.“
- Mr Andrew O’Brien, Spinal Surgeon

This 3D anatomical model was printed at 1:1 scale and delivered in less than 48 hours.

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