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Using 3D Modeling to Communicate Difficult Decisions to Patients

Case Study

Navigating intricate decisions in orthopedic surgery demands precision and effective communication, especially when conveying the intricacies of challenging surgical choices to patients. This case highlights the transformative impact of utilizing 3D modeling to articulate complex decisions and engage patients in their treatment journey.

The Case

Faced with a patient presenting a dislocated rib exerting significant pressure on the spinal cord, the consulting orthopedic surgeon initially crafted a surgical plan relying on conventional 2D medical scans. Recognizing the need for a thorough risk assessment before proceeding, the surgeon sought additional insights through a comprehensive 3D printed model provided by Axial3D.

Benefits of using the 3D Model

The 3D model proved instrumental, offering the surgeon enhanced perspectives on the intricate risks and complexities inherent in the proposed surgery. This heightened understanding led to the conclusion that the potential risks far surpassed the benefits for the patient, rendering it medically inadvisable to proceed.

Beyond providing unparalleled insights that recalibrated the benefit-risk balance, the 3D model also served as a crucial visual aid. It facilitated an open and transparent conversation with the patient, effectively communicating the elevated risk of paralysis associated with proceeding further. While acknowledging the emotional challenges for the patient in learning that the procedure could not move forward, it is imperative to recognize that the surgeon's recommendation was firmly rooted in the best available information and, ultimately, in the patient's best interest.

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