Latest AI in NI

AI in NI: The Past, Present and Future


Daniel Crawford, Founder of Axial3D, is to present as part of a panel on the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the NI Science Festival in February, 2019.

Join Daniel on the 14th February 2019 at 6:30PM at the Ulster Museum, alongside Dr. Jaine Blayney (Bioinformatician at the Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology), Dr. Austin Tanney (Head of AI at Kainos), and Dr. Tim Davison (CTO at BrainwaveBank) as they discuss how Artificial Intelligence is impacting our lives at present, and what the future holds.

Artificial Intelligence has become a part of our everyday lives; now ingrained in applications such as Siri, Netflix, and Google Assistant. Delegates are set to be taken on a lightning tour of the history of Artificial Intelligence and find out how AI has become integral to the products and services we use every day before each expert from the panel gives a more in-depth look at their own experience in developing and using AI.

Daniel will explain how Machine Learning is currently being used at Axial3D to enhance the production process of 3D printed models that are used by surgeons across the world to plan for complex surgeries.

The NI Science Festival opens on 14th February 2019, and offers over 180 events in 50+ venues, across ten days. The festival promises something for everyone, with a range of workshops, talks, and interactive activities for young people, parents, and schools during the day. And, in the evening, an eclectic mix of scientific debate, talks, theatres, comedy, music, and film for adults.

At the panel discussion, delegates are set to get deep insight into how Artificial Intelligence will impact everything from government to healthcare to everyday life.