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From Vision to Reality: Southampton's Impactful Role in Advancing 3D Printing for Pediatric Cardiology


The story of Southampton Hospital's embrace of 3D printing technology showcases a remarkable journey of collaboration, determination, and pioneering spirit. It all began with a vision, as a team of dedicated professionals, including Mr. Nicola Viola, lead congenital heart surgeon, and Dr. Tara Bharucha, a fetal and pediatric cardiologist, recognized the potential of 3D models to revolutionize their integrated approach to complex heart conditions. Drawing from their experience at another center, they understood the transformative power of enhanced understanding through 3D visualization. Armed with this insight, they embarked on a mission to integrate 3D printing into their practice, starting with a compelling pitch to the hospital's CEO. Despite financial constraints, the CEO's endorsement paved the way for a crowdfunding initiative, setting the stage for a partnership with Wessex Heartbeat, a charity dedicated to improving cardiac heart care.

The decision to support 3D printing models was driven by a dual commitment—to the youngest and most vulnerable patients, and to the pursuit of pioneering solutions. Southampton and Wessex Heartbeat recognized that involvement in such projects wasn't just about saving lives; it was about creating better lives. Together with Axial3D, Southampton continues to embark on a journey of innovation, developing new materials, refining techniques and exploring novel applications for 3D modeling in pediatric cardiac care.

Today, the collaboration between Axial3D and Southampton stands as a beacon of success, representing one of the most fruitful partnerships in the UK's cardiac 3D modeling landscape. Through dedication and a shared commitment to excellence, Southampton has transformed the way they approach complex heart conditions, offering new hope and possibilities to young patients and their families. As they continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, Southampton's journey serves as an inspiring testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of better outcomes in pediatric cardiac care.

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