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Sixty minutes of surgery time saved in neurotrauma case following car accident

Case Study
  • Traumatology
  • Neurosurgery

A 27-year-old male presented with extensive facial trauma following a road traffic collision. The fracture plane crossed multiple portions of anatomy from maxilla superiorly to frontal bone. Given the extensive fracture caused by the accident, treatment planning was considered difficult utilizing the 2D CT imagery alone. In addition, the case required collaboration and planning from both neurological and cranio-maxillofacial teams.


A full-scale model was created from the patient’s CT scans. The surgeons used the 3D printed model to choose, measure and prepare all the required equipment for surgery. The model was utilized within a multidisciplinary planning meeting to mutually conclude on the best surgical approach.


Sixty minutes of surgical time was saved as a result of using the 3D model in the planning for the required equipment. This significant reduction in operative time helped to elevate the patient's time in care in the form of faster treatment, reduced time in theater with less invasive surgery, a rapid recovery and reduced complications. The reported time savings are also in line with a recent study carried out into the use of 3D anatomical models for pre-operative planning. Research into seven different studies showed 62 minutes of surgery time saved per case, equating to $3,720 of surgery costs savings. Only 2 surgical trays were needed to be sterilized, reduced from 6, as a result of choosing equipment prior to surgery, adding to the hard cost savings realized by the hospital.

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