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How Crumlin Children's Hospital has made 3D printing the standard of care in congenital cardiology

Case Study
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Dr. Colin McMahon, Pediatric Cardiologist at Crumlin Children’s Hospital, has been working with Axial3D for a couple of years. He explains how medical 3D models benefit the pre-operative planning process to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient, including being able to avoid surgery in some cases.

Dr. McMahon highlights the fact that these medical 3D models are specific to each patient, “The model is providing a bespoke solution to individual complex anatomy that’s very variable between different patients.”

The future of medical 3D printing looks very bright and imminent, according to Dr. McMahon. He predicts that in five to ten years, hospitals will have their own 3D printing department for an even quicker approach. He also adds that other fields, such as dentists, dermatologists, radiologists, etc. would be using medical 3D models.

Watch the video above for Dr. Colin McMahon’s thoughts on the benefits and future of medical 3D printing.

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