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Case Study
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Each year, around 2,000 people are diagnosed with nasal sinus cancer in the United States. In this gentleman’s case, the tumor had spread and was in both his nasal sinuses and his upper lip.

His surgeon requested a 3D model from Axial3D to better understand and agree with his team the safest way to remove the tumor. With the plan confirmed, the model was used to explain the procedure to the patient to help his understanding.

Using the patient’s 2D medical scans, Axial3D produced a 3D model of his lower skull including the tumor, lips, teeth and cheek. The tumor was printed in green (as you can see in the virtual model above) while the lips and cheek were printed in a detachable flexible resin to replicate the softer tissue and provide access to the anatomy beneath.

The model enabled the surgical team to agree on the safest surgical approach and preselect equipment they would need 60 minutes faster than if they had only relied on the patient’s 2D scans. This allowed them to save a further 40 minutes in the operating theater. The patient was safely discharged on the same day, allowing him to recuperate in the comfort of his own home, reducing the risk of catching a hospital-related infection.

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