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Making Nasal Cancer Surgery Shorter and Safer with Better Outcomes

Case Study

The Case

This individual presented with a challenging case of tumor infiltration, affecting both his nasal sinuses and upper lip. Given the tumor's extensive spread, his surgical team faced the critical task of devising the most effective strategy for its removal. This necessitated thorough consideration of various factors, including the tumor's size, location, and proximity to vital structures. Moreover, the surgeons needed to weigh the potential impact of the chosen approach on the patient's post-operative function and aesthetic outcome.

The Solution

To help determine the best approach, enhance collaboration and streamline planning, the surgeon sought a 3D model from Axial3D. Using the patient’s CT medical scans, Axial3D produced a 3D printed model of his lower skull including the tumor, lips, teeth and cheek. The tumor was printed in green (as you can see in the virtual model above) while the lips and cheek were printed in a detachable flexible resin to replicate the softer tissue and provide access to the anatomy beneath.

The Benefits

The utilization of the 3D model not only facilitated the surgical team's alignment on the safest approach but also expedited the selection of necessary equipment, cutting down decision-making time by a significant 60 minutes compared to relying solely on 2D scans. This streamlined process allowed for an additional 40 minutes of efficiency during the surgery itself, contributing to a smoother and more precise procedure.

As a result, the patient experienced a shorter hospital stay, being safely discharged on the same day. This not only ensured a more comfortable recovery at home but also minimized the exposure to potential hospital-related infections, further promoting the patient's well-being and overall outcome.

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