Our Vascular Patient-Specific 3D Solutions

Aneurysm model

3D Visualization / Digital Files

  • Portable - easy to access
  • Collaborative views and comments
  • Easily differentiate structures
  • Create Echo Cut planes as required
  • Download print-ready file
Axial3 D Neurovascular 3 D Printed Model

Visual 3D Printed Model

  • Tactile visual 1:1 scale model of anatomy
  • Improve consent and patient/parent discussion
  • Improve outcomes and plans
  • Use to teach
Vascular 3 Dmodel

Functional 3D Printed Model

  • Mimic real tissue, enabling simulation and case rehearsal
  • Use to physically plan and suture
  • Feel what you are treating
  • Use to teach and train

Webinar: How to Grow 3D Printing in Your Hospital

Learn how Axial3D's digital solutions with Stratasys printing technology make it easy to see patient data in 3D, helping surgeons to improve patient outcomes.

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