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Surgical Breakthrough: Navigating a Delicate Brain Aneurysm with 3D Precision

Case Study
  • Neurosurgery
  • Pre-operative planning

Meet William Golden Sr., a 44-year-old who, after multiple ER visits for severe headaches, discovered the true culprit: a perilous cerebral aneurysm. Enter Dr. Matthew Lawson, a leading Neurosurgeon and Stroke Medical Director at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Dr. Lawson turned to Axial3D to transform the CT images into a 3D visualization and 3D printed model, not just of Mr. Golden's anatomy but of the intricate blood vessels, creating a tangible, 1:1 replica of the challenge at hand.

During the consultation, Mr. Golden grasped in his own hand the precise curvature of his lower skull, cervical vertebrae, and the intricate web of blood vessels surrounding the aneurysm. This tactile understanding empowered him and his surgeon to collaboratively explore the diagnosis.

Dr. Lawson emphasizes, "For surgeons, these 3D replicas are invaluable, providing an exact visual of blood vessel curvature and proximity to brain structures, aiding in both diagnosis and patient communication."

Further investigation via angiogram revealed a dissecting pseudoaneurysm, a precarious situation where only thin connective tissue prevented catastrophic hemorrhaging into the brain. After consulting with surgical peers across the U.S., Dr. Lawson opted for a groundbreaking solution: the 'Pipeline' stent. This innovative device served to 'by-pass' and 'wall-off' the ruptured area, allowing the aneurysm to clot and heal naturally.

Mr. Golden's journey involves a four-year monitoring plan, blood pressure management, and adherence to a healthy lifestyle. This case exemplifies how cutting-edge surgical techniques, guided by precise 3D models, can navigate complex scenarios, offering patients a new understanding of their condition and surgeons a revolutionary tool for intricate interventions.

William Golden holding the 3D model of the bottom of his skull

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