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Axial3D successfully contracted to NHS Framework in Wales and Northern Ireland until 2020


Belfast based medical 3D Printing company Axial3D has been selected to supply patient-specific 3D printed pre-operative planning models as part of the Orthopedic joint replacement products, Trauma and Spinal products framework agreement with the NHS.

Axial3D, a leading innovator in web-based technology for 3D Printing in healthcare is delighted to be working with the NHS across both Wales and Northern Ireland. There are in excess of 150 hospitals across all NHS trusts in Northern Ireland and Local Health Boards in Wales.

Axial3D’s product and service offering of creating a patient-specific model from CT and MRI scans and shipping the completed models directly to the consultant in a matter of days is unique in both the technology used, and in the ability to dispatch the models in a timeframe that can meet the needs of Trauma and other surgical specialties.

During the last 12 months, the company has seen a rapid increase in the demand for patient-specific 3D printing models which are used more and more by surgical consultants to gain additional insight into complex cases and pre-operatively plan surgery in a consequence-free environment.

Daniel Crawford, CEO of axial3D comments: “This is a very exciting time for the company. All bespoke products Axial3D provide are designed to improve insight and help plan a personalized treatment for each individual patient, improving their care while subsequently reducing resource burden on a hospital. We are enthusiastic about this 4-year contract with the National Health Service and look forward to working with consultants to provide this innovative technology to improve patient care across Northern Ireland and Wales. “
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