Case Studies Maxillary sinus tumor

Improving pre-operative planning with anatomical 3D modeling: Removing a maxillary sinus tumor

Case Study

The Case

An 85-year-old male presented with a large lower-eyelid, cheek and nasal tumor. The tumor's size and location was causing both orbital invasion and maxillary invasion and needed surgical intervention. Working with 299 CT images from the hospital, Axial3D produced two 3D printed models and a 3D visualization to support pre-operative planning for the maxillectomy procedure.

The Solution

The first 3D printed model was used to pre-bend the plate of the orbital floor ahead of surgery, while the second 3D printed model was used to support intra-team communication between the cranio-facial and neurosurgery teams.

The Benefits of using a 3D Model

Having access to the precise 3D printed patient models significantly enhanced the planning process for the tumor surgery, fostering consensus and eliminating discrepancies among the cranio-facial and neurosurgery teams. The integration of the 3D models resulted in substantial time savings of approximately 80 minutes, enabling the development of a robust pre-operative strategy. Utilizing Axial3D's comprehensive models empowered clinicians to meticulously plan and execute procedures, ultimately improving patient care and ensuring comprehensive tumor removal.

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