How we can help you grow your patient-specific solutions

  • Increase your capacity with the same resources
  • Test and improve the fit of devices in patient specific anatomy
  • Optimize the development of custom devices for faster time-to-market
  • Landmarking and algorithm development
  • Train surgeons with 3D printed models of real patient data without risk
  • Replace the use of cadavers with patient-specific 3D printed models
  • Streamline workflows by having all the data in one place
  • Large scale analysis of data

Empowering you to do more, faster and easier.

PJ Medical Surgeons

Provide surgeon training models

Med Device cardiac flow

Design personalized devices

Cardiac Coil Selection

Select devices based on patient-specific data

Image Vein Structure A Full Neurothrombectomy Model

Perform flow analysis

Cardiac FEA

Conduct FEA analysis

Med Device training

Advance R&D