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The transition from off-the-shelf devices to personalized surgical solutions is crucial for enhancing patient care and improving outcomes. Current market solutions for patient specific workflows that utilize desktop-based solutions, are reliant on manual intervention by costly expert users, and are not able to address the urgency for rapid scaling. Axial3D specialized in providing a scalable, automated solution for transforming DICOM images into actionable 3D data, leveraging patented technology, powered by machine learning algorithms and AI-assisted automation.

Automate manual segmentation and tasks

Handle a growing volume of data without a proportional increase in human effort

Connect anywhere and facilitate scalable infrastructure

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Full-service, end-to-end modeling service that provides you with actionable 3D data in 3 easy steps.

1. Login to your account
2. Provide a few simple details
3. Upload your DICOM data or connect with a surgeon’s PACS department.

And we do the rest from AI-driven segmentation and quality assurance to providing digital files for you to download or a 3D printed model shipped to you.

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