Axial3D-enabled Innovation

3D imaging and modeling offer the potential for a wave of innovation that will set new standards of care for a range of indications and pathologies.

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3D modelling will:

- Transform insight for surgical planning

- Accelerate speed and accuracy of diagnosis

- Accelerate the adoption of patient-specific treatment.

3D Modelling can improve patient care

Beyond surgical and hospital-based care, 3D imaging and modeling can similarly transform the effectiveness of patient care in post-hospital rehabilitation, where typically the physician teams have very little imaging data on which to base decisions about care.

3D Modelling Financially

From a financial perspective, for both payer and provider organizations, the healthcare economics associated with using 3D imaging and modeling are startling:

- $3,000s saved for many surgeries

- Time in surgery reduced, allowing for more surgeries to be performed per day

- Less time on average for patient stays in hospital, freeing up capacity

- More precise, targeted, and often less invasive surgeries, leading to faster recovery at a lower cost.

Axial3D’s end to end solution

3D imaging is set to replace current 2D MRI and CT imaging as a new standard of care. Why not start, or accelerate, your journey towards the routine use of 3D imaging today.