In the rapidly evolving field of healthcare, medical device companies face unique challenges in delivering personalized solutions to patients quickly and with limited resources.. Axial3D and Stratasys have joined forces to address these challenges by harnessing the power of an advanced segmentation platform and 3D printing technology.

During this webinar, industry experts from Axial3D and Stratasys will delve into the potential of patient-specific programs and how they can revolutionize the medical device industry. We will explore the benefits of leveraging medical imaging services and 3D printing technology to create patient-specific models, implants, surgical guides, and other tailored solutions.

Key highlights of the webinar include:
  • Introduction to patient-specific programs: Gain insights into the significance and potential of patient-specific programs in the medical device industry.
  • Overcoming challenges: Discover strategies for effectively implementing patient-specific programs within medical device companies, including scalability and resources.
  • Seamless integration of medical imaging and 3D: Transform patient data into 3D outputs for quick analysis, device creation,
  • Leveraging advanced segmentation capabilities: Explore the capabilities of a cutting-edge medical imaging platform for converting medical data into 3D
  • The role of 3D printing technology: Understand how 3D printing can enable the creation of highly accurate and customized medical devices, implants, and surgical guides and training tools
  • Real-world success stories: Learn from real-world examples where Axial3D and Stratasys have supported patient-specific programs, resulting in faster turnaround time
  • Future trends and opportunities: Get a glimpse into the future of patient-specific programs and how advancements in 3D printing and medical imaging technology will continue to shape the medical device industry.

By listening to the webinar, you will gain valuable insights into how Axial3D and Stratasys are revolutionizing the medical device industry through patient-specific programs. Join us to learn from industry leaders, discover innovative solutions, and explore opportunities for growth in your organization.


Dan Crawford web

Dan Crawford

CSO, Founder, Axial3D


Evan Hochstein

Medical Business Manager, Stratasys