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Neurosurgeons typically rely on a patient’s CT, MRI or X-ray to aid in diagnosis and preoperative planning.

These commonly used 2D images make conceptualizing complex three-dimensional anatomical structures a difficult task for even the most experienced surgeon.

2D images can complicate preoperative planning, leading to many complex surgeries being misdiagnosed or misplanned and millions of unnecessary hours spent in surgery.

These images can be hard for patients to decipher too, and surgeons will often have to resort to drawings and other tools to help the patient understand their diagnosis and to gain their consent to proceed with a planned surgery.

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“For surgeons, these 3D replicas are helpful in seeing the exact curvature of blood vessels, their proximity to other brain structures, and importantly, to explain clearly to patients what is involved.”

Matthew Lawson, M.D

Tallahassee Neurological Clinic

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