Making patient specific care routine

Improve patient care and surgical outcomes by tailoring your treatment plan to each patient with our intelligent 3D solutions.

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Open heart 3 D model
Hip 3 D model 2
Aneurysm Neurosurgery case
Spine 3D Model

Improved pre-operative planning

Get a three-dimensional view into your patient’s unique anatomy to improve treatment planning.

Greater patient satisfaction

Educate your patient about the upcoming procedure and gain fully informed consent.

Enhanced team communications

Improve communications within your surgical team to optimize your intraoperative process.

Save OR time and costs

Our patient specific solutions may allow you to gain additional insights into each patient’s unique interventional needs, enabling you and your team to streamline your perioperative episode of care.

Surgical training

Enhance surgical training by using anatomical 3D models.

Our service offerings

Highly accurate patient specific 3D anatomical visuals and printed models of targeted anatomy for multiple uses including pre-operative planning, patient consent, education and case rehearsal.

Our intelligent 3D segmentation solutions turn 2D medical scans of patient anatomy into incredibly precise and data rich 3D visuals. Our secure, cloud based self-service platform can be accessed anywhere and requires no training or licensing.

End-to-end production of highly accurate models of patient anatomy, 3D printed with multiple technologies and materials to meet any of your surgical needs.

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Pre-operative planning