Axial3D’s Segmentation-As-A-Service™ can provide medical device and technology companies with a scalable patient-specific solution to create bespoke devices for every patient.

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Opportunities to better patient treatment

In the same way that 3D imaging and printing can transform surgical planning and diagnosis, away from the current practices that rely on hard-to-understand 2D MRI and CT images, the same potential is now opening up for transforming the treatment of patients, starting with patient-specific implants and cutting guides.

A change in treatment

Today, the majority of implants are either 'one-size-fits-all' or are selected from a range of standard sizes. It is well known that an exact, patient-specific device created from their anatomy, will dramatically improve the longevity and safety of that device.

Axial3D has the answer

To date, the practice of creating patient-specific devices has been dramatically hindered by the long, expensive, and labor-intensive process of creating patient-specific 3D anatomical models from 2D medical images from which to generate the devices - the ‘blueprint’ that is required for every device to match that patient.

With Axial3D, this no longer needs to be the case. We are now working with an increasing number of the world's most remarkable medical device companies to build 'patient-specific' into their standard offering, at a price point that is affordable to all.

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Axial3D’s Segmentation-As-A-Service ™ can provide medical device and technology companies and in-house hospital 3D print labs with the most scalable, cost-effective, rapid, and high-quality segmentation service available in the world today, to enable this dream of making 'patient-specific treatment' a reality for all.

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