Axial3D’s Segmentation-as-a-Service offers a fundamentally new approach to unlocking patient-specific solutions, with a highly accurate, easy to use, scalable set of solutions.

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3D imaging and printing have been used as key tools in healthcare for over 20 years, and whilst the resulting benefits have become more and more clear, so have the bottlenecks to adopting these technologies more widely. In particular:

  • The speed, capacity, and functionalities of 3D printers have been limited.

  • The cost of 3D printers.

  • The time it takes to segment 2D MRI and CT scan datasets.

  • The lack of expertise to carry out detailed segmentations.

  • The high software and personnel costs.

  • The resulting lack of overall capacity to do segmentation.

Following 'Moore's Law', the leading 3D printer companies are rapidly addressing these first 2 bottlenecks.

Advantages of using Segmentation-as-a-Service

It’s all so simple – our customers can just upload their 2D datasets to our portal and sit back and wait for the 3D visual, print files or models to be returned. The quality is guaranteed. The time taken is the shortest possible – 3D visuals and print files returned in a few hours, printed 3D models within days – and there are no longer any capacity constraints. Our Amazon Web Services Cloud platformed service requires no hardware or software to be deployed at hospitals or offices; users can be using the service within minutes and our customers only pay for the 3D visuals and prints they order.

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