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Axial3D’s Segmentation-as-a-Service™ platform provides a highly accurate and cost-effective segmentation solution, enabling you to scale your patient specific programs.


Delivering fast, affordable and highly scalable patient specific solutions without the need for additional internal segmentation resources or expensive software licenses.


Industry leading turnaround times via our AWS cloud based solution requiring no software licensing or training.


HIPAA and GDPR compliant system, accessible anywhere in the world and adaptable to specific country requirements.


Industry leading model-to-source imaging accuracy.


Our FDA-cleared* software has the following certifications and registrations in place:

*Axial3D Cloud Segmentation Service is intended for use as a cloud based service and image segmentation system for the transfer of DICOM imaging information from a medical scanner to an output file. The Axial3D Cloud Segmentation Service output file can be used for the fabrication of physical replicas of the output file using additive manufacturing methods. The output file or physical replica can be used for treatment planning. The physical replica can be used for diagnostic purposes in the field of orthopedic, maxillofacial and cardiovascular applications. Axial3D Cloud Segmentation Service should be used in conjunction with other diagnostic tools and expert clinical judgement.