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3D anatomical modeling is the indispensable tool transforming the patient care pathway. It’s the new gold standard in pre-operative planning.

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3D modeling delivers:

  • Better and faster pre-operative planning, including creating cutting guides and other patient-specific tools for surgeons – an average of 62 minutes saved per case.
  • Improved dialogue with patients leading to more informed patient consent – 98% of patients agree¹.
  • More efficient procedures and, on average, 16% faster recovery times¹.
  • Greatly reduced risk of discovering something unexpected during surgery.

All of which adds up to better patient outcomes and more cost-effective use of hospital resources.

Why is 3D printing not yet routinely used in healthcare?

Most 3D print lab managers know only too well, the culprits are time and money or more accurately, constraints on both.

  • Printing constraints
  • Budget constraints
  • Time and expertise constraints

Working within those constraints can leave 3D lab managers feeling understandably frustrated at being unable to provide the level of service they know would provide maximum benefit to their hospital and its patients.

The use of 3D modeling is transforming the approach to complex surgical procedures worldwide, delivering better pre-operative planning, reduced intraoperative time, quicker recovery rates, and more efficient theater scheduling.

Scaling segmentation

Axial3D has created a cloud-based service that enables surgeons and other healthcare professionals to upload their 2D patient scans and convert them to 3D printable files that can be output into your printers. These are returned to you in hours, not weeks, meaning the service can be used for even the most time-critical emergency cases.

Moreover, if your lab is constrained by print capacity, we can provide you with highly scalable overflow printing capacity in our ISO 13485 certified facilities.

  • Compliance with HIPAA and FedRAMP and international standards.
  • Our Segmentation-as-a-service™ technology enables scaling with no expensive software or increased resources needed.
  • There are no fixed annual or deployment costs.

Our mission is to provide a service that enables you to confidently say yes to every request for a 3D model, knowing you are not constrained by time, expertise, printer capacity, or budget concerns.

Surgeons and lab staff can start using our service within minutes, with minimal training. As Axial3D’s cloud-enabled Segmentation-as-a-Service™ requires no additional software or hardware, you can simply use an internet-enabled phone, tablet, or laptop.

Axial3D’s end-to-end solution

We have the ability to offer labs of any size or stage a complete solution out of the box. It's completely free to start with no upfront software or maintenance fees. You pay for what you use. We have partnerships with the world's leading medical 3D printing companies and can provide whole solutions that are tailored to your hospital's individual needs, so from 2D image to finished 3D model, Axial3D can support you through the entire journey.