Improving patient outcomes one model at a time.

Better insight. Better communication. Better outcomes.

When 2D data isn’t enough to fully understand the patient’s anatomy, a 3D visualization or model can provide the additional insight needed to prepare for the surgery and confidently explain the procedure to the patient and their family.

Whether you’ve never had a 3D printed model or you have a full in-house 3D printing lab, we can help you get started or scale your program to support more surgeons improve outcomes.

The New Norm for Radiologist

3D modeling gives radiologists an opportunity to take traditional medical imaging to the next level, improving surgical outcomes and patient experience. Just as X-ray, CT and MRI imaging became standard in healthcare, 3D modeling is fast becoming the next evolution in medical imaging. Radiologists are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this, with their role in image acquisition right through to producing 3D models from those images.

Changing the standard of care for surgeons

3D visualizations and 3D printed models are improving patient care and surgical outcomes by tailoring treatment plans to each patient. Our 3D solutions enable surgeons to move away from using 3D on only the most complex cases to incorporating it into the standard of care. The value of seeing your patient’s anatomy in 3D aids you in pre-surgical planning, patient communication, and reduced time in the OR.