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Why your spine team needs 3D modeling in 2021

  • Pre-operative Planning
  • Innovation
  • Neurosurgery

Complex cases relying on 2D images can lead to unnecessary, high costs and risks, with longer surgery times, higher revision rates and increased patient infections. Download the free infographic below to discover how 3D modeling can support your spine team to enhance each stage of the patient's care and support improved outcomes.

“Spinal procedures can be extremely complex and no two procedures are the same. Anatomical models help surgeons like myself in explaining the associated risks of a procedure, which is important for gaining informed consent especially when complications could put them at risk of paralysis.” - Mr. Andrew Bowey, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals 5-reasons-your-spine-team-needs-3d-modeling-in-2021

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