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Why your orthopedic team needs 3D modeling in 2021

  • Orthopaedics
  • Pre-operative Planning
Complex cases relying on 2D images can lead to unnecessary, high costs and risks, with longer surgery times, higher revision rates and increased patient infections. Download the free infographic below to discover how 3D modeling can support your orthopedic team to enhance each stage of the patient’s care and support improved outcomes. “It’s easy to use, efficient, and quick. The models Axial3D produces are very good, accurate and easy to use. The service is fairly seamless and efficient compared to other types of new where it can be an onerous, complicated, lengthy process. The model produced was very intuitive, very interactive and seamless which meant we could get things turned around quickly. I’ve been very impressed with how Axial3D can rapidly turn around complex requests,” Irwin said. – Mr. Alistair Irwin, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, at the Royal Victoria Infirmary

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