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Why Segmentation-as-a-Service™ is central to meeting future demand for 3D modeling

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The use of 3D modeling is transforming the approach to complex surgical procedures worldwide, delivering better pre-operative planning, reduced intraoperative time, quicker recovery rates and more efficient theater scheduling.

Yet for all its undisputed benefits, the demand for 3D modeling is currently constrained. Primarily, this is down to the practicalities of funding. For example, in the US, without Category 1 CPT codes, 3D modeling can’t typically be funded through medical insurance. As a result, significantly less than 0.01% of surgeries in the US are benefitting from the use of 3D models.

But that is hopefully soon to change.

The American Medical Association has approved Category III data collection insurance codes for the use of 3D anatomical models. It’s anticipated that in 2022, for many pathologies, 3D models will be fully reimbursable under medical insurance, making it viable to be included within the standard of care. If that happens, the demand for 3D modeling will increase exponentially, potentially becoming a key capability in up to 10% of all surgical operations.

Will your 3D print lab be ready?

To put it another way, there could be a 1000-fold increase in the demand for 3D models. Now, that’s going to take a lot more printers – but you could say that’s just a matter of procurement. More problematic will be the requirement for a significant increase in time invested in and people resources required for segmentation – in reality, far more expert resources than any in-house lab could possibly hire or afford.

So how can you make sure your lab is ready to deal with a tsunami of requests for 3D models?

Axial3D’s Segmentation-as-a-Service™

Axial3D has the solution. We have created a service that enables surgeons and other healthcare professionals to upload 2D scans to our portal that, using proprietary anatomical algorithms, automatically segments images and creates 3D printable files. These are returned to you within the hour, meaning the service can be used for even the most time-critical emergency cases.

And as we can process thousands of datasets simultaneously, there is no limit on the number of segmentations you can request. Moreover, if your lab is constrained by print capacity, we can also provide you with highly scalable overflow printing capacity in our ISO 13485 certified facilities, so each 3D model is printed for you and delivered within 48 hours.

We have the largest labelled MRI and CT scan database for 3D printing in the world, curated with proprietary machine learning. Our automatically created 3D print files are more accurate than manually created ones, even when they have been produced by segmentation experts.

The Axial3D patented platform is hosted in the cloud by Amazon Web Services, which means there is no need to deploy any new software, networks or hardware in the hospital. It is highly secure and fully supports applications that store, process and transmit sensitive health data in compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and FedRAMP and international standards.

We’re the first company in the world to offer this innovative service, which is available at both clinical specialty level and at pathology level.

Our mission is to provide a service that enables you to confidently say yes to every request for a 3D model, knowing you are not constrained by time, expertise, printer capacity or budget concerns.

Simple and cost-effective

Surgeons and lab staff can start using our automated service within minutes, with minimal training. As Axial3D’s cloud-enabled Segmentation-as-a-Service™ requires no additional software or hardware, you can simply use an internet-enabled phone, tablet or laptop.

It’s also highly cost-effective. There are no fixed annual or deployment costs; you only pay per use. 3D modeling has been proven to save time and money. Imagine the impact it would make on patient outcomes and hospital costs if your 3D print lab could quickly segment hundreds of data sets of surgical planning models, guides and implants and create 3D models with no more staff than you have today.

Hundreds of hospitals and medtech companies worldwide are already using our automated Segmentation-as-a-Service™, and the number is growing rapidly.

Make sure your lab is prepared to meet the upcoming increased demand for 3D modeling so that your hospital can continue to offer the highest standard of patient care.

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