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What Formlabs Elastic Resin means for 3D Printing in Healthcare


Formlabs has announced the release of a new pliable Engineering Resin at CES2019. Elastic Resin, the firm’s softest resin yet, will allow for 3D printed models to bend, stretch and compress without tearing.

The announcement means that producing quality elastic 3D printed models is no longer exclusive to those with expensive industrial equipment. Healthcare providers and hospitals using more affordable, industrial-quality 3D printers such as Formlabs Form 2 can now produce elastic models in a matter of hours, and at a much lower cost.

Daniel Crawford, CEO and Founder at axial3D said, “Surgeons and Radiologists across the globe, particularly in the fields of neurosurgery and cardiac surgery, will benefit from having access to clear, flexible and robust 3D printed anatomical models. The low production costs and quick turnaround times makes it easier for surgeons to get access to patient-specific 3D printed models which help them better prepare for complex operations and greatly increase patient consent and communication.”

The new Elastic Resin from Formlabs has a Shore durometer of just 50A, much softer than Flexible Resin which has a Shore durometer of 80A. Lower numbers on the Shore durometer scale indicate less resistance, and softer materials, which makes Elastic Resin ideal for 3D printing anatomical models for use in neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, surgical oncology, and other specialties.

axial3D aims to make it easier for healthcare organizations to access patient-specific 3D printed models for educational use and pre-operative planning. The announcement of Elastic Resin from Formlabs breaks another barrier to the global adoption of 3D printing in healthcare, a sector which is set to experience huge growth over the next five years.

If you are interested in using Elastic Resin for your next patient-specific 3D printed model, get in touch with axial3D below to discuss your requirements.

Image provided by Formlabs Healthcare

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