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The easy way for surgeons to get 3D printing in their NHS hospital

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You’ve heard great things about 3D anatomical modeling, and perhaps you’re now wondering how to access it in your hospital, without causing too much additional work for you or your team?

Fear not, there’s an incredibly easy, intuitive way for you to request a patient-specific 3D model for your next case.

In order to create your 3D anatomical model, Axial3D will require anonymized 2D DICOM images. Whilst we already facilitate the ability for clinicians to upload these through our secure online platform, our UK healthcare providers are now using the Image Exchange Portal (IEP) to send us these images.

What is IEP?

The Image Exchange Portal (IEP) is a web-based application that allows healthcare professionals to securely transfer patient images from one hospital to another. The system has been deployed in increasing numbers of NHS and private hospitals since January 2010.

How do I get a 3D model through IEP?

Axial3D utilizes the IEP for the quick and secure transfer of Imaging, streamlining the process of 3D modelling across the NHS. This means that you simply provide the email address of your PACS department when placing your first order. The PACS department will be notified of your request and will be able to transfer the data to us securely, without you having to act as an intermediary. This saves an incredible amount of time and reduces the need for CD’s and USB’s to be transported to us. In turn, this allows us to create your 3D model in an even more timely manner.

The Sectra IEP is a fully encrypted & audited service which is trusted by the NHS and beyond to allow the transfer of imaging data between Hospitals, Clinicians and third parties.

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