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Axial3D CEO, Roger Johnston listed in Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs of 2022 by Technology Innovators


Every year, Technology Innovators Magazine carefully selects 50 CEOs based on a detailed evaluation of a leader’s career. We are honored to have Axial3D’s CEO, Roger Johnston, not only included in the top 50 for 2022, but also featured on the cover of the September 2022 edition.

Technology Innovators Magazine is a Global Enterprise Technology magazine based in California. They help companies by providing the ‘right insight to select the right solution provider at the right time’ to optimize their customer experience and enhance their business outcomes. They are passionate about identifying outstanding achievement, game-changing innovation, and stellar performance of business experts and leaders.

Curating the list of the Top 50 Healthcare Technology CEOs, Healthcare Technology Magazine takes into account the magnitude of impact on the industry, demonstrated leadership achievements, dominance in their specific sub-specialty, organizational strength, and company growth capabilities, among other factors. This prestigious award recognizes CEOs who have stood out among the rest in the industry and we are beyond grateful to be included.

“I am just so proud of the commitment every day of my team, in particular over the past very challenging couple of years, to make a difference for our customers and their patients. Whilst I am incredibly proud that Axial3D has received this recognition, our job now is to push ahead even faster and make sure that we increasingly change even more lives around the world, for any patient who gets a 2D patient scan.”

- Roger Johnston, CEO of Axial3D

Roger was first introduced to Axial3D as an investor and advisor to the Board. When Dan Crawford (Founder and CSO) asked him to be CEO in 2019, he gratefully accepted. His expertise spans from sales and marketing to business strategy, corporate development, market positioning and so much more. He has worked in a number of industries, including healthcare, financial services, oil and gas and government/federal. “His know-how on technology, investment and service delivery organizations has helped him create a niche in the industry,” as the article reads.

From a young age, he learned the value of hard work and adopted a never-give-up attitude. He acknowledges the importance of a good team and highlights the importance of respect towards your opposition. “I know for sure I am not the cleverest person in the room, so I can only succeed in my leadership role if I have truly put together a great team who together add up to more than the sum of the parts,” he told Technology Innovators Magazine.

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