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Rimasys - gold standard partnering with Axial3D

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Axial3D has partnered with Rimasys to provide 3D models for training purposes. André Passon, co-founder of Rimasys, talks about this partnership and its benefits in the video below. They created a life-like training simulation called Trauma Academy, which provides high fidelity training for orthopedic and trauma surgeons. It prepares surgeons for every step of the procedure in a safe environment so they can be completely ready for the patient.

Trauma Academy offers the most realistic training scenarios, using technical and didactic innovations that enhance the experience. Typically, surgeons plan operations based solely on 2D images like CT or X-ray scans. Thanks to this partnership, the medical 3D models add more insights in order to plan cases more precisely. After consulting the 3D models, more than half of the surgeons alter their surgery plans, which proves that these models are an important tool to ensure the best possible outcome for patients.

The partnership with Axial3D provides a solution for Rimasys’ technological needs concerning 3D printing and the 3D segmentation of data, so they can fully focus on optimizing their training services. The goal for the future is to provide solutions smoother and faster and to focus more on remote training for surgeons.

“I would encourage, whenever you have a need or challenge where 3D models could be a potential solution, to reach out to the team of Axial3D. I’m sure they will be very helpful and creative in finding a solution for you.”

- André Passon, co-founder of Rimasys

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