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NeuroNav Partners with Axial3D to improve neuronavigation using artificial intelligence

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Axial3D is delighted to be working in partnership with NeuroNav to improve the neurosurgical navigation workflow using artificial intelligence (AI).

Neurosurgery procedures are extremely complex requiring high precision to avoid damage to vital structures of the brain. Neuronavigation systems help to guide surgeons to perform an even more accurate surgery, decreasing the percentage of serious damage to these vital structures. However, the majority of these conventional neuronavigation machines are inaccessible to most surgeons, as well as being extremely tedious to set up and very expensive.

NeuroNav is developing an accurate, portable and affordable AI-based neuronavigation platform to enable augmented reality (AR) navigation to improve neurosurgery. The workflow requires automated creation of 3D models of a patient’s brain from 2D scans for automatic registration of patients and hologram generation for AR navigation.

For the last number of years, Axial3D has been developing artificial intelligence software solutions that automatically convert 2D medical images into precise, data-rich 3D anatomical models. Through this partnership, Axial3D will provide this important step in NeuroNav’s workflow which will add huge value to their neuronavigation platform.

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