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Fast Radius and Axial3D Announce Partnership to Transform 3D Modeling for Surgical Planning

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Fast Radius, a leading provider of digital manufacturing solutions, and Axial3D today announced a high-quality, high-volume and unparalleled-speed ‘DICOM-to-print’ service for surgeons and hospitals across North America.

The partnership between the two companies enables clinicians across the United States, Canada, and Mexico to receive dramatically enhanced insights that enable the creation of precision surgical plans, with greater confidence than is currently possible when relying on 2D imaging. The partnership will provide these insights in the form of micro-millimeter accurate, patient-specific 3D anatomical models, produced from the patient’s own 2D scans, which are then shipped to the surgical team in as little as 48 hours.

3D printing enables a new standard of imaging of and insight into the patient’s anatomical detail. The models can be held in the surgeon’s hands and fully assessed – allowing them to more accurately define and even practice a surgical plan before they set foot in the operating room, vastly improving surgical performance and patient care.

At this critical time for hospitals across the Americas, as they look to restart surgical services following COVID-19, 3D anatomical models can be a crucial tool for surgical teams as they tackle the backlog of surgical procedures caused by COVID-19.

Roger Johnston, CEO at Axial3D, said “The partnership between Fast Radius and Axial3D comes at a critical time for healthcare institutions. We are now able to support surgeons and hospitals in the US minimize the impact of COVID 19 as they endeavor to return elective surgery capacity.”

Lou Rassey, CEO at Fast Radius, said "Our mission at Fast Radius is to help companies make new things possible that advance the human condition. Partnering with Axial3D to make these surgical models will have a great impact on patient care. It's work we're proud to do.”

Surgeons in the region are invited to try the new service by requesting a free trial model, created according to their patient scans, just by clicking the button below!

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