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Conversations: Dr. Andrew Bowey shares his experience of medical 3D printing with Axial3D & Formlabs

  • Pre-operative planning
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The annual Formlabs User Summit celebrates the innovators across the world who are shaping the future of manufacturing, from desktop printers to digital factories, and not least, medical 3D printing.

As part of the virtual User Summit 2020, Formlabs and Axial3D caught up with Dr. Andrew Bowey, a leading Consultant Spinal Surgeon in the UK, to understand how he is using medical 3D printing to better plan procedures at his hospital – and how he has supported his colleagues to do the same! Check out the video below:

The interview follows a recent case where in using a 3D model to aid his planning, Dr. Bowey saved his hospital $11,000 USD (~£8,000 GBP) with a reduced surgery time.

The 3D printed model also enabled the clinical team to consult with the patient and their family to manage expectations and to fully demonstrate any associated risks. By conducting a full surgical simulation before the operation, Dr. Bowey was able to save over 120 minutes of time during a complex surgical procedure, equating to around $11,000 USD (£8,000 GBP) of the hospital’s funds. In addition, the process also contributed to reduced blood loss and better communication with the surgical team throughout the procedure.

“As a clinician, I don’t have the time or the software to segment the medical images. Knowing the experts at Axial3D understand what surgeons need and can segment accordingly so we’re left with an accurate depiction of the patient’s pathology is of huge benefit to our team.”

— Dr. Andrew Bowey, Spinal Surgeon, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals

Download the White Paper, ‘Medical 3D Modeling for Improved Preoperative Planning in Orthopedic Surgery’ today to understand how you can reduce operating times and decrease costs, decrease risk of infection, shorten patient recovery times and, overall, support optimal health outcomes

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