Latest Winner of Best Use of AI in Health at European DatSci Awards 2019

Axial3D wins ‘Best Use of AI in Health’ at European DatSci Awards 2019


Axial3D has been awarded ‘Best use of AI in Health' at the European DatSci Awards, for its use of Machine Learning in the medical 3D printing workflow.

The European DatSci Awards celebrates and connects the most talented Data Scientists & their teams from across Europe and demonstrates the Power of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in driving real business, educational and social outcomes.

And the winner is...@axial_3D. Well done! 👏

— DatSci Awards (@DatSciAwards) September 5, 2019

Axial3D’s mission is to provide clinicians with surgical insights beyond traditional medical imaging. By using 3D printed models for pre-surgical planning, clinicians can gain significantly enhanced and often vital insights, when compared to traditional imaging solutions.

Having access to these insights ahead of surgery can drastically change patient outcomes. 3D printed models also prove to be compelling in aiding patient education and informing consent ahead of complex surgeries.

“With our unique technology, we are able to give clinicians a totally new tool for transforming patient care. Whether we are helping to change the clinical outcome for patients, or making them more informed and happy going in to what can be one of the most stressful times of their lives, we believe we have the ability to change lives around the world. Our aim is to bring this potential to as many patients worldwide as we can as quickly as we can.” - Daniel Crawford, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, axial3D

Congrats @HaslamNiall and @axial_3D 👏 #DatSciAwards

— DatSci Awards (@DatSciAwards) September 5, 2019

As Axial3D looks to bring 3D printed anatomical models to clinicians and patients around the world, the accolade of ‘Best Use of AI’ at the European-wide DatSci Awards bolsters our belief that our innovation of using 3D printing in this way for pre-surgical planning will make a genuine impact on outcomes for both clinicians and patients.

Congratulations to all the finalists at the 2019 DatSci Awards!

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