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Axial3D to sponsor The Surgical Treatment Week 2020

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Treatment Week 2020 is a digital congress for basic, advanced and advanced training in the areas of trauma, sport, orthopedics and the spine. The event combines hands-on live operations with a virtual 3D world - based on the games industry. The operations carried out by experts on lifelike pre-fractured preparations from Rimasys GmbH will be visible as a live stream both in the virtual 3D world and in an event platform (desktop and mobile app). The event will offer a unique opportunity to experience novel surgical approaches and technologies, including access to patient-specific 3D printed models provided by Axial3D.

Following the success of the regular Trauma Academy courses, Treatment Week 2020 is set to be one of the most realistic surgical education events this year. Axial3D is proud to supply the precision 3D anatomical models for the event, giving course participants a true hands-on experience in these world-class trauma & orthopedics training courses.

“When the 3D printed replica of the CT scan is produced, around 50% of the participants entirely change their approach to how they plan to surgery because then they’re seeing it from a completely different angle. In some instances, the surgeons take the 3D model into the practical sessions as their main imaging tool, referring to it throughout the procedure.” says Judith Pfeiffer, General Manager at Trauma Academy.

“Of course, you can draw something on a flip chart or you can show the X-rays, but having a 3D model really helps surgeons to explain and discuss these complex fractures in a way that is just not possible with conventional 2D images because it removes the need to imagine or visualize the fracture in their heads, it’s right there in front of them!”

The event will offer an invaluable opportunity for all those in the industry to connect and make valuable relationships with realistic, enhanced networking spaces throughout the virtual island in addition to the world-leading training and educational courses. So, grab your passports and join us on the virtual Surgical Island between 19-24th October for the highlight in advanced Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery training in 2020!

You can find out more about Surgical Island and The Surgical Treatment Week 2020 here.

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