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Axial3D to exhibit at 3DMedLIVE in London


Axial3D is to showcase at this year's 3DMedLIVE, in London, on 2-3 October 2019.

3DMedLive will bring together surgeons, radiologists, biomedical engineers, 3D printing technicians, medical modelers, and healthcare professionals, with regulators, engineers, start-ups and suppliers. Launched in partnership between 3DMedNet and the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine, the two-day event aims to convene all members of the community who, together, can take 3D printing in surgical practice to the next level, and make it an everyday reality in hospitals across the world.

Delegates will hear case studies directly from pioneering surgeons and researchers who are already utilizing this technology in their practice, plus panel discussions and roundtables with regulators, manufacturers, and funders.

3DMedLIVE is set to be a dynamic, conversation-led and solution-focused, with the patient at the heart.

As well as providing a platform for the presentation and discussion of scientific ideas, offering the opportunity to connect with other innovators is core to the mission of 3DMedLIVE.

Who will be there?

  • Surgeons, radiologists and a range of healthcare practitioners from multi-disciplinary teams in the NHS and private hospitals
  • Information governance and finance specialists from NHS and private hospitals
  • Regulators
  • Researchers and Directors of engineering, medical physics, and innovation
  • Medtech start-ups
  • Legal and policy advisors
  • Venture capitalists
  • Central government
  • 3D printing hardware, software, and consumable suppliers from across the UK and Europe

What will be discussed?

  • Understanding this growing area of personalized medicine, part of the NHS 2020 vision
  • Innovations, techniques, and applications of 3D printing
  • Benefits for surgical training and patient consent
  • Understanding the process of patient-specific surgical models and implants
  • Understanding the regulatory landscape for customized medical devices, and how the 2020 regulations will change this
  • Reducing costs and improving outcomes
  • Which route: outsource, in-house service provider or build your own 3D printing lab?
  • Doctorpreneurs: how to get your idea to an MVP and fund your start-up

We'll be sharing more exciting news on the event soon! Keep an eye on our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram channels to be one of the first to see news about axial3D and 3DMedLIVE.

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