Latest Race to raise money for Cancer Research

Axial3D raises over £1,000 for Cancer Research in the Race for Life Event


On the 26th of September 2021, it was the battle of the fittest, as our team members laced up their trainers and took part in Race for Life at Stormont Estate, Belfast to raise vital funds for Cancer Research. We were delighted with the support and raised a staggering amount of £1,082.40 to help individuals and families suffering from cancer.

In 2020, Cancer Research spent over £2m on research in Belfast, with a particular focus on the bowel and oesophageal cancer and precision medicine. This research has already helped transform the lives of many people living with cancer and the organization has made great progress, with the help of vital fundraising. Today 1 in 2 people will survive their cancer for 10 years or more, with the goal to see 3 in 4 surviving by 2034. Research in Northern Ireland and across the UK will help bring forward a day when all cancers are cured.

Axial3D has worked with a range of oncology cases, aiming to help surgeons complete complex surgeries with reduced risk and improved outcomes by providing 3D anatomical models of their patient’s affected areas. Oncologists typically rely on a patient’s CT, MRI, or X-ray to aid in diagnosis and preoperative planning. These images can be often difficult to decipher and surgeons will often have to resort to drawings and other tools to help the patient understand their diagnosis and to gain their consent to proceed with the planned surgery.

By providing an anatomical 3D model of a patient’s anatomy it can help with preoperative planning, surgical simulation, intrateam discussions, gaining patient consent, and reduced time and cost of surgery.

To find out more, read our oncology case studies:

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