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Axial3D joins the Amazon Web Services partner network


Medical 3D printing company Axial3D has joined the AWS Amazon Partner Network as a Select Technology Partner.

Axial3D has achieved Select Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). As an APN member, Axial3D will work to help hospitals streamline processes, drive efficiency and build value in their program with quality management and augmented segmentation software.

Niall Haslam, CTO at Axial3D at the time, said:

“Working with AWS is yet another commitment from Axial3D to our customers in our mission to drive standardization and quality adherence. This allows business users to gain insights that are often hidden within data, so they can reach evidence-based decisions with confidence. With AWS powering Axial3Dassure, we can deliver a secure, powerful and fast service allowing our customers to do what they do best, treat patients.”

Axial3Dassure brings a wealth of capabilities and delivers a wide range of benefits for both medical printing users and core facility staff. With the flexibility, scalability, pay-as-you-go features of AWS, Axial3D can keep costs low for customers, without compromising on power, speed and flexibility.

Axial3Dassure is an end to end workflow and quality software solution for use in a medical 3D printing facility. It provides the core components of processing and quality management, enabling you to meet evolving business needs with a world-class array of technology and powerful analytics. It helps you to optimize and transform your medical 3D printing facility.

Axial3D is a UK based medical 3D printing company specializing in the use of patient-specific medical models to advance both standards and efficiency of surgical intervention. Creating precise 3D models generated from patient CT, MRI and PET data, this technology enhances pre-operative planning by personalizing healthcare. Bespoke 3D printed models are relied upon by prominent surgeons globally.

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