Axial3D is Working with AWS For Launch of Amazon HealthLake Imaging


Amazon HealthLake Imaging makes it easier and more cost-effective to store and share medical imaging data and utilize Axial3D’s leading cloud-based segmentation services

Belfast, Northern Ireland, November 15, 2022. Axial3D (Axial Medical Printing Inc), a leader in medical segmentation and 3D printing, is excited to announce it is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner working with AWS for the launch of Amazon HealthLake Imaging. Amazon HealthLake Imaging, now available in preview, is a new HIPAA-eligible capability that allows customers to store, share, and analyze medical images at petabyte scale.

Amazon HealthLake Imaging utilizes state of the art image streaming for fast, sub-second, medical image retrieval in clinical workflows by maintaining low latency and high availability anywhere (web, desktop, phone). Additionally, customers can take advantage of a wide variety of optimized image viewers and analysis applications built on Amazon HealthLake Imaging that all read from a single copy of each image in the cloud with normalized metadata. As a result, it is estimated that Amazon HealthLake Imaging can reduce total cost of ownership by 40%.

Axial3D’s patient-specific 3D solutions enable hospitals, medical device manufacturers and MedTech companies access to patient-specific 3D printed anatomical models and 3D images. Our patient-specific 3D solutions provide greater insight to the patient’s anatomy, improve patient communication, and reduce OR time. Using Amazon HealthLake imaging, surgeons, radiologists, and engineers can upload imaging data to Axial3D’s cloud-based segmentation-as-a-service, which converts DICOM data into highly accurate 3D visualizations, 3D printable files, or 3D printed anatomical models made with Stratasys print technology.

"We are proud to be part of the Amazon HealthLake Imaging launch as an AWS Partner. We have worked for several years with AWS to drive the adoption of medical image segmentation and the use of 3D imaging and modeling to transform patient care,” said Roger Johnston, CEO of Axial3D. “Our shared vision is that every patient who gets a CT or MRI scan, no matter where in the world they are, can benefit from their surgical team having access to our 3D imaging and modeling at an affordable cost. With the launch of Amazon HealthLake Imaging this vision now can become a reality."

To learn more about Axial3D and Amazon HealthLake Imaging, visit us at the Axial3D booth (booth 8209) and the AWS booth (booth 6958) during the Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting in Chicago, Nov. 27 to Dec. 1.

Contact us to learn more about how Axial3D uses AWS HealthLake Imaging. And if attending RSNA, schedule a demo.

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