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Necessary for hospitals to adopt this technology routinely, SeAAS™ enables hospitals around the world to bring 3D imaging and printing to the point of care without the usual costly resources.



Using SeAAS™ and our global 3D printing network, we can create and validate models to the highest accuracy under ISO13485 medical standards. We can print any models with multiple technologies for any of your hospital's surgical needs.

Point of Care Print Lab

Point of Care Print Lab

We provide ‘out of the box’ 3D print labs for hospitals of any size and any surgical specialism. We can provide everything required for your hospital to set a new standard of care in patients' planning, diagnosis, and treatment.

Together we can transform how surgery is delivered throughout the world.

100 million surgeries are performed each year around the world. Our mission is to make every surgery bespoke rather than 'best-fit'.

Using 3D anatomical models is proven to enhance pre-operative planning, reduce time and costs, and improve the patient consent process.

> 1 billion
MRI, CT scans and X-rays are analyzed for surgical planning each year
> $20 billion
costs due to surgery error per year
physicians change their surgery plan when they use Axial3D models
62 minutes
reduced time in surgery when a medical 3D model is used in pre-operative planning
reduced recovery time for patients when a 3D anatomical model is used in treatment
of physicians believe using medical 3D models results in better planning, diagnosis and treatment

Hundreds of surgeons and medical device companies have benefited from our Segmentation-as-a-Service. We can help you too.

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