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When a Partnership With AWS is More Than a Partnership

Case Study

On the 14th June 2021, we were lucky to have the opportunity to sit with a friend of the company Sandy Carter, the Vice President of Public Sector Partners and Programmes of AWS (Amazon Web Services) to discuss Axial3D & AWS’s unique partnership offering.

Sandy was able to explain to us her unique insight into our global offering and share insights into how the healthcare industry is transforming around the world. During our discussion, Sandy was also able to share her perspective on Axial3D’s unique offering and how this is impacting hospitals and patients around the world, or as she calls it ROL (return on lives)

AWS provides the unique infrastructure to allow Axial3D to deploy its unique SeAAS (Segmentation As A Service) that ensures scalability, agility, and security that is required for healthcare across the world. Allowing us to leverage its cloud base and industry-leading Ai capabilities.

In this video case study, Sandy also describes our joint customer obsession and what the future will hold for us as she believes we haven't even scratched the surface of the opportunities that are out there.

To see the whole discussion please click on the video below.