Case Studies Deformity affecting the bones in their foot

Simulating a surgical plan with physical 3D anatomical models

Case Study

A patient presented with a severe deformity affecting the majority of the bones in their foot, most notably in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th metatarsal. The surgeon found it difficult to fully conceptualize the deformity on 2D images given the complex arrangements of the bones.

A 3D printed model was requested by the surgeon as a pre-operative planning guide to help him gain greater insight into the entire pathology.

Benefits of the 3D Model

“The model enabled us to gain a much greater insight into the patient's entire deformity. We were also able to place the physical models of the patient's foot onto flat surfaces to plan how we were going to correct their gait with equipment prior to surgery. This greatly improved our confidence of a successful surgery and was used to explain the procedure to clinical staff and registrars.”

– Mr. John Wong, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, Altnagelvin Hospital

The model was also used to practice several different osteotomy approaches to ensure the correct plan and equipment was prepared before stepping into the theatre.

Without access to the 3D model, the surgeon would not have had the opportunity to physically simulate his plan to correct the patient’s gait, nor would he have been able to select the exact equipment ahead of time, resulting in longer operating times and costs.

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